Asl - pronounced like Aslan in the Lion and the Witch and the Wardrobe.

While not designing, I volunteer to share yoga and meditation with makers of technology.

While not designing, I volunteer to share yoga and meditation with makers of technology.


Asli Kimya

Conception, formative user research, UX/UI, prototyping.
Sketch, Origami, Framer, InVision, Github, Jira, Slack.
Software JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GoLang, Ruby, C, C++.
English, French, Turkish.


Building Bridges

Hailing from Turkey, a physical bridge between continents, I was raised by a gynecologist and a mystical artist. A theme to my upbringing was building bridges between distinct worlds: Eastern versus Western thought; academia versus magic.

I studied computers, design, and psychology at Stanford. In an effort to disrupt the textile industry and reduce fabric waste, a few friends and I started a company in 2014. We analyzed the problem space and conducted need-finding interviews. As a solution, we prototyped a 3D textile printer. This project reassured me that magical inventions are possible.

Having started as full stack developer, Ive focused on designing software in startups since 2015. I have built at Twitter, Periscope, and Autodesk. Most recently, I led design and research at Humble Dot. Having worn multiple hats in my career, I thrive in a culture of trust, open communication, and close collaboration.

Given my background in software development and architecture, my strength lies in conception, formative user research, UX design, and prototyping. To empower designers through programming knowledge, I wrote a series called Thinking Like a Developer and spoke on the Power of Prototyping.

When not designing, I practice yoga and meditation. As a trauma-informed yoga teacher, my passion is healing the world by recognizing our innate connection to each other. We are all connected, through lineage, nature, and now the Internet. I believe in technologys vital role in helping us heal through amplifying our authentic connectivity.

Want to collaborate on crafting tech products that serve as bridges? Id love to hear from you.