What inspires me

Passionate about bridging the gap between software and design processes. Writing, speaking, mentoring startups and students. Meeting others who create inclusive, relatable, humane technology.

What I do

Designer, photographer and yogi. Studied Human-Computer Interaction and Architectural Design at Stanford. Responsible for conceptualizing, prototyping and building software experiences at Twitter across interaction, UX, visual, and motion design. Teaching yoga and meditation to techies in the office or outdoors. 

Where I’m from

Born and raised in Bursa, once-upon-a-time-capital of Ottoman Empire, now Turkey's fifth largest city nicknamed the Green town. Moved to California to study at Stanford University, where the wind of freedom blows. Living and working in San Francisco, my second favorite city with seven hills after Istanbul. 

What keeps me up at night

Crafting a masterplan to consolidate yoga and the tech world. Wanting to share the mindfulness that I find in Yoga with other makers of technology, so we collectively focus on improving human experience and contentment. 

Who are you?

If you ended up here, chances are you relate to me at some level. Don't be a stranger. Love to hear who you are, what inspires you or what keeps you up at night.